... but when I entered the online space riddled with hustle culture & manipulative messaging, I lost my way a little bit... 
You see, when I decided to quit corporate marketing to start my own company, this was my desire: to be able to fully support myself and my chronic anxiety by working for myself, at my own pace, in a way that felt genuinely amazing to me. 

But then the allure of the online space got to me: the promises of overnight success, of locking in 10K months in the first 3 months of business... the pressure made me begin to hate the work I was doing and want to quit having my own business altogether. 

i started my creative business to make my own rules... 

and with that, came burnout #2...

... yes, you read that correctly... burnout 2. 

You see, the irony here is that I quit corporate life after facing severe clinical burnout so bad that it consumed my physical health: I was riddled with anxiety, anemic, horribly stressed and deeply depressed. 
It got so bad that I would have to run to the bathroom to have panic attacks during the workday. I would hide this from my coworkers for fear of what they would think. I was misaligned, unhappy and absolutely stressed to the bone. 

One day I simply couldn't do it anymore and decided to leave the corporate life behind. I spent months simply healing... going to therapy, reconnecting with my true self, and working through my chronic anxiety. 

From there, I joined the online space. 
Fast-forward 6 months into my entrepreneurship journey, we see young entrepreneur Lauri caught up in that online race to "success" and on my way to burnout 2. 

This time, burnout felt different. 

While burnout 1 was crippling, defeating, and in need of deep healing, burnout 2 made me angry in a way. HELL NO, I did NOT start my own business to just burn out over and over again. 

I got curious and discovered something astounding: while I'd spent almost 20 years learning about my chronic anxiety & how. to manage it, I'd never actually integrated this mindset work into business. 

This is the moment it all changed. 

As I began to take this mindset work and integrate it into my own business, my passion for the work quickly took off like a crackling fire! 
I became absolutely obsessed with the power of mindset work to transform and heal our lives and businesses. 

I decided I wanted to help others discover this power and began to offer mentorship to copywriters that combined business & mindset mentorship. But then I knew I wanted to bring this work to creatives more broadly... which is how I began my work as a life coach. 

Today, I'm a proudly multi-passionate creative: a coach and a website copywriter. 

Because both come down to one very simple yet mighty thing: YOU...  YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. 

When we get to know that authentic self, reconnect with her, and allow ourselves to show up in our businesses that way, our copy and messaging become all the more potent. 

it was time to step into my purpose...

... I am here to shine the light of my purest, most authentic self. 
To show you that when you do the same, you encourage everyone else in your life to shine. 
And in that moment, the world (and the online space) becomes a much brighter place. 

my mission is simple...

work with me

here's how i can support you

Our mindset is the foundation of who we are, the stories we tell ourselves, and our beliefs about ourselves and others. By strengthening our resilience mindset as creatives, we not only feel happier and more satisfied in our business, but our business prospers in that abundance as well. My passion is helping you create this for yourself. 

soulful life coaching for creative souls

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What I Value




I'm all about letting your freak flag fly! I believe in being uniquely your own authentic self.

The infinite freedom to create is one of my highest values.
I love and encourage free and creative thinking. 

For both myself & others. Always. 


you are in a safe space. i am here to support ALL creatives regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, disability status, citizenship, and other core pieces of who YOU are.