i see you, soulful creative...

... you’re so incredibly passionate (maybe even multi-passionate) about your creative business and serving your dreamy clients. 

.. .you get to show up every single day in your creative business doing what you love.

... you were BORN to share your gifts with the world.

Your creativity burns like a flame within you, ignited by the dreams you have of getting to run a business on your terms. 

But somewhere along the way, that spark started to fade... 

...You got caught up in the online noise, and now find yourself continually measuring yourself in your productivity and how “hard you hustle.”

... When you see another's success, you can't help but feel envious and compare yourself. 

... You've caught yourself slipping into the "Who am I to be doing this" kind of imposter syndrome. 

It's time to find that spark again.
That magic... 

what if i told you this magic is already within you?...

you already have all the magic you need within you. you are already enough as you are today.
it's now about tuning out the noise and tuning in to what ignites your creative flame. 
... all through the power of our mindset. 

as creative entrepreneurs, who are so intimately connected to our businesses, mindset truly is everything. 

our mindset is the foundation of who we are, the stories we tell ourselves, and our beliefs about ourselves and others. this impacts... 
... how we show up online 
... how deeply we can connect with those dreamy clients we want to serve 
... and ultimately, the strategies we use to grow our businesses

by working through and strengthening our resilience mindset as creatives, we not only feel happier and more satisfaction in our business, but our business prospers in that abundance as well. 

let me tell you... there is no 'magic potion' behind this whole soulful entrepreneurship journey.
but a strong mindset comes pretty damn close. 


For those ready to immerse themselves deeply into the power of mindset work. The spaciousness of this container allows us to shave time to really implement the work and magic you're craving

Weekly private coaching calls 
1:! Voxer access for those in-between moments
Digital ebook of resources + worksheets

Investment: $850/ month (for 3 months) CAD 
Flexible payment plans available 

For those craving some soulful support to work through pressing mindset blocks + reconnect with your intuition

4 private coaching calls 
1:! Voxer access for those in-between moments

Investment: $875 CAD 
Flexible payment plans available 


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1:1 mindset coaching menu

1:1 90-minute coaching session (includes session notes + recording) 

Investment: $122 CAD 
With 1-Week of Voxer post session: $197 CAD

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i'm here to walk alongside you...

i'm lauri

As a multi-passionate creative who’s lived + thrived through 20+ years of chronic anxiety, I love to help fellow creatives identify the magic already within them. I can help you with feelings of comparison, imposter syndrome, scarcity, shame, and other blocks that are standing between you and thriving in your creative business. I’m here to show you that there’s no one way of doing things... just your way. 

My Story

If you choose to work with me, you can rest assured that I am also being supervised as a coach, which is one of the best-practices of the International Coaching Federation. 

here to hold sacred space for soulful creatives ready to break through mindset barriers + get back to shining their authentic light...

coaching testimonials

"Before working with Lauren, I felt stuck. I wasn't sure where I was heading, and I didn't feel like I could rely on my intuition to guide me. I was trapped in harsh, negative thought loops that kept me from being kind to myself.

Lauren has helped me reframe my thoughts with her kind, gentle, and compassionate coaching style. She holds gorgeously expansive space for me each week through our calls, and always meets me exactly where I'm at. Throughout our time together, Lauren has helped me reconnect with my intuition, work through old patterns that no longer serve me, and learn to see myself in a fresh light.

The progress I have made with Lauren has been leaps and bounds past where I ever thought I'd be... Her coaching style is never pushy or scripted; she guides me to my own conclusions with her thoughtful and judgment-free perspective."

- Jaimie

"Lauren's open-mindedness is such an incredible gift. Never for one moment did I feel judged for where I am or what I've done in my business, and knew that no-matter-what I could count on her for support."

- Steph

"I felt like my problems were directly addressed and that I was given specific things to do to cement everything. I thought that {she} did a fabulous job of steering my boat without taking over. And I liked that {she} always asked if things were what I wanted or what I was comfortable with.

- Tara

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I’m here to show you that there’s no one way of doing things... just your way.