you've spent years trying to 'fit in' when you were born to stand out 

constantly shaping yourself to fit in, hiding your true self...
it's more than just exhausting. it's made you feel disconnected from your soul's purpose.

you're incredibly ambitious, but lately, you've been feeling
  • creatively blocked
  • stuck in inaction
  • uninspired in your daily life.

 live an inspired life you're excited to wake up to.

feel abundantly confident in your creativity rather than lost in self-doubt and comparison.

trust in your divine gifts + see your sensitive anxious soul not as a punishment but as a gift. 

you desire to...

It's time to rise from the ashes like the resilient phoenix you are and...

- passionately pursue the creative ventures that are meant for you and work through the inner resistance to being seen in your uniqueness 

- identify the habitual ways of being that are standing between you and pursuing your ultimate creative goal (writing the book, starting the podcast, monetizing your creative business, whatever you most desire!) 

- release perfectionism and self-criticism so you can DO THE DAMN THING once and for all! 

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book your session


  • Create amazing boundaries in your personal and professional life 
  • Heal your inner mindset wounds (like perfectionism, productivity and worthiness) 
  • Feel an increased sense of confidence
  • Boldly shine your creative light knowing you're worthy of living a life true to yourself 
  • Clarify your messaging for sharing your creativity with others
  • Monetize + raise prices in your creative business 

together we'll hold space to uncover + heal habitual ways of being such as self-doubt, judgment and criticism so you can... 

1:1 Coaching Sessions for Creative Souls

discover your

client testimonial

When Lauren asked me about some of the deeper-rooted reasons I might feel like my own writing isn't worth it, I could feel the emotions really bubble up to the surface!
That helped me confirm that we were talking about more than just a "marketing issue." I really appreciated the tools she gave me to help me recognize negative thought tracks and flip my perspective with them. I'll definitely be practicing that going forward.


i'm your guide, lauri

as a coach for creative souls, my passion is helping you reconnect with your resilient soul so you can LIVE YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE. 

i use a range of tools and modalities to work with my clients to heal and release habitual ways of being that are no longer serving them. 

though i've gratefully worked with some incredible creative souls, my greatest case study is myself. i've been on an anxiety and trauma healing journey for 22 years and i'm here to share my magic and wisdom with you.  

If you choose to work with me, you can rest assured that I am also being supervised as a coach, which is one of the best-practices of the International Coaching Federation. 

client testimonial

I feel clear, excited, and empowered to create my first offering!
My favorite part of my session was the sweet reflections Lauri gave as well as her heartfelt suggestions for how I could move forward on my path."



How It Works: 

Deep space held for you, where I will lovingly hold you accountable for the deepest desires you bring into the session. 

We’ll go where you want to go, and the outcome will be dependent on what you bring and how deep you’re willing to go. 

Here’s a taste of what my coaching helps clients like you achieve...  

- an increased sense of clarity + inner peace towards your creative goals 

- a sense of deeply liberating inner freedom from breaking through limiting beliefs + habitual ways of being 

- an intentional plan to regularly nourish your creativity through radical self love and care 

- a deeper sense of self-worth and confidence, allowing you to make bold moves like increase your prices and expand your creative business

These 1-1 coaching sessions are for creative souls (creative entrepreneurs and/or creative thinkers), dedicated to living a fulfilled, mindful and resilient life. This session is designed to help you immediately breakthrough a limiting mindset or creative block standing between you + your most passionate, resilient life so you can LIVE YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE.

What To Expect:

Sessions are available to purchase individually or in packages, with each lasting between 70 and 90 minutes. After your initial session, sessions are available in packages of 4, 6, 8 and 12. 

Individual session investment- $150

book your session

book your session

the vibes

investment: $150

*priced in Canadian dollars

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client testimonial

What was amazing about this session is that I was able to pretty much immediately put into practice some of the tools that Lauren shared with me.... I've been reflecting on, and using those tools daily.