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Copywriter for Creative Entrepreneurs

My passion is helping creative entrepreneurs put words to theirs. 
Deep within every successful brand is a story, and I’m passionate about bringing that story out of you. 

it's hard to put your passion into words... i get that

My Specialties




I like to think of a website as a mirror of your business you choose to reflect out to the world. It must be intentional, strategic, yet compelling. Quite frankly, it's an art. and I've dedicated myself to making it my art.

I absolutely adore working with emerging copywriters on their copy business through mindset mentorship. I work with emerging copywriters ready to master their mindset and allow their unique brilliance to shine.

Many creatives I work with really adore writing, but crave confidence in terms of the strategic + marketing side of their message. That's where I come in with copyediting and copy audits. 

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Let me tell you more...

a copywriter for creatives

My love for writing & storytelling runs deep… From the day I learned to read, I’ve always had a book on the go. Reading is a gift I'll never tire of. 

I decided to take the entrepreneurship path to live my truth and show respect to my authentic self. I deeply craved the infinite freedom of creativity and ideas that came along with entrepreneurship, and it allowed me to truly discover my vocation: 

My passion is helping creatives put their passions into powerful words

Nothing lights me up like copywriting for creatives - I wake up each day excited to serve my clients. Because I know that copywriting can have a tremendous effect - especially for entrepreneurs. 

Whenever I dig into a writing project for a client, I'm usually snuggled up in my cozy Montreal apartment with my cat, Miles, on my lap. I occasionally duck out to my favourite cafe that’s got the perfect oat milk latte and prime people-watching! 

More About Me

I'm Lauren...

Why Brand Storytelling?

The greatest brands in the world start with a story. Why? Because we as humans are natural-born storytellers. Our earliest ancestors began this tradition, and it’s remained a significant part of the human experience - it’s how we relate to one another. 

In the digital age, nearly every industry is ‘oversaturated.’ - The way you cut through all of that noise is to be your own unique self and to tell your story with gusto. 

The best websites are like a great book - with each page of your site like a chapter of a book. You want to draw in your reader and have them keep reading on and on - cover to cover. 

My Approach

Authenticity is something we protect as creatives, and my approach with clients reflects this. As an artist and creative myself, I understand how important our own creativity and authenticity are to our creative process, which is why I value collaboration in my process.

When I heard creative entrepreneurs worry about losing their authenticity by hiring a writer, I knew I needed to fill that void. I feel called to show you that together we can tell your story in a way that feels authentic to you. 

As a fellow-creative, I get that you don’t want to lose your own voice. Whenever I start copywriting or copyediting for a client, I interview them both on paper and via video call. I then get an excellent idea of how you both speak and write as a creative entrepreneur.

the time is write. 
let's put your beautiful story into words

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My Favourite Tools

these are my superpower tools in my business! heads up - there are affiliate links in here - but i never recommend any tools that i don't personally love and use myself