My passion is helping creative entrepreneurs put words to theirs. 
Deep within every successful brand is a story, and I’m passionate about bringing that story out of you. 

But maybe you struggle to see that magic for yourself, or to run your business in a way that feels authentically you. 

At the end of the day, as creatives everything must come back to mindset. 

That's why I'm here. 

it's hard to put your passion into words... i get that

here's how i can help...

Website Copywriting

Mindset Coaching

Website copywriting is a bit like magic. It's about mystically encapsulating your spirit into words that convert dream clients. 
My superpower is to help you do this through powerful storytelling copy that emphasizes the magic already within you. 
Let's bottle up that magic and pour it into impactful website copy...

As a multi-passionate creative who’s lived + thrived through 20 years of chronic anxiety, I love to help fellow creatives identify the magic already within them.
I can help you with feelings of comparison, imposter syndrome, scarcity, shame, and other blocks that are standing between you and thriving in your creative business.
I’m here to show you that there’s no one way of doing things... just your way. 

Copywriting Services

Coaching Services

what my clients say...

She just has a mind that clicks everything together and spits out something that is meaningful and strategic-something that makes you feel confident in your business.


Lauren's work is powerful, and the process of uncovering my WHY and the deep questions about my business was so enlightening. I highly recommend Lauren for copywriting to anyone who wants to go deeper and have their website speak from their soul!


She is so personable and professional at the same time! Plus you can tell this is her passion as well. It's easy to do great work when its something your deeply passionate about and you can tell Lauren is.


I couldn't have even dreamed of how she captured the spirit of my business and my "Why" but still sounded like ME


 I had copy beforehand that just didn't match my personality and wasn't serving my clients well. I am so excited to move forward with my new copy on my website so that I can start attracting more of my ideal client!

Michelle P.

multipassionate creative + classic enneagram 4

My love for writing & storytelling runs deep… From the day I learned to read, I’ve always had a book on the go. Reading is a gift I'll never tire of. 

I decided to take the entrepreneurship path to live my truth and show respect to my authentic self. I deeply craved the infinite freedom of creativity and ideas that came along with entrepreneurship, and it allowed me to truly discover my vocation: 

empowering soul-centred creatives to share their powerful story & gifts through website copywriting and mindset coaching.

My Story

hey, i'm lauri...

the time is write, my love...

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these are a few of my favourite (business) things...

these are my superpower tools in my business! heads up - there are affiliate links in here - but i never recommend any tools that i don't personally love and use myself