I genuinely believe that...
My superpower is empowering you to unleash this dream and share your most authentic self with the world. 

When you show up to share (and sell!) your gifts in the online space as your most authentic self, you…

* Attract more of your soulmate kinds of clients into your business 

* Embody your deepest desires, like a sense of ease in your business 

* Rejuvenate your creativity that gets trampled when caught up in online comparisons 

you have a powerful dream inside you...

* Feel confident and aligned in your creative business, excited to share and sell your gifts and talents with the world 

* Share your message as the masterful storyteller of your life that you are 

* Show up completely aligned with your soul’s purpose 

you deserve to...

in the online space, your power is in your message

… and in my career as a copywriter for creatives, I discovered that this message became ever more high-converting, liberating and impactful when it came from someone who was utterly aligned with their soul’s purpose. 

And while I absolutely adore copywriting, I wasn’t genuinely aligned until I began to integrate mindset work into my business (and share my passion for it as a mindset coach). This step into being a multi-passionate entrepreneur was scary, but it was the best way to honour my most authentic self.

… nothing creates the space for a more unmistakable message than someone fully living true to their purpose and sharing the gifts they long to share. 

but everyone calls me lauri 

I took the entrepreneurship path to live my truth and show respect to my authentic self. I deeply craved the infinite freedom of creativity and ideas that came along with entrepreneurship, and it allowed me to truly discover my vocation: 

empowering soul-centred creatives to share their powerful story & gifts through website copywriting and mindset coaching.

My Story

i'm lauren


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what my clients say...

Lauri is so talented and professional, yet puts you at ease and is relatable. Being in her presence (through zoom) immediately felt like a "no judgement" zone, where I was free to express myself and share any and all details. 

Lauren H.

Lauren is such an approachable, vibrant person. She listened to every detail of what I was telling her and was able to put the information and the emotion that I wanted to convey into copy that was so “me." I was blown away at Lauren’s ability to articulate my ideas, and lend her own In order to make my website something that I will be proud of. 

Zabrina M.

I legit had tears in my eyes when Lauren started reading me back my copy out loud, I didn't expect the experience to be so emotional but it totally was! She just somehow captured my voice, my essence, my soul and translated it into words, I felt so seen and understood.

Kris S.

Working with Lauri was an absolutely wonderful experience. She is a gentle listener and a passionate creative. Lauri lets you know exactly what she needs to step into her zone of brilliance creating your copy, and I felt supported every step of the way. I hired her to write my web copy and ended up with an incredible friend in the process.

Brianna S.

Working with Lauri is such a dream. Lauri is the BEST energy to be around.

Erin D.

You aren't just getting a copywriter with Lauren. You get a creative partner that is the perfect extension of yourself. I really had no expectations going in to this partnership, but was blown away 

Stephanie D.

Copywriting services

website and sales copy for creative entrepreneurs, coaches + online business owners 

Your brand story and copywriting are the absolute backbones supporting the entire marketing of your soulful business. I'm passionate about being here to hold space for you and support you where you're at. So whether you want to DIY your own copy, then get some expert feedback or entirely pass your project to me for professionally crafted, done-for-you copy, I'm here for you! 

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Services Available: 
Website + Sales Page Copy Audits 
Full Website Copywriting 
Website Copy Day Rate 
Full Sales Page Copywriting

mindset coaching

1:1 private mindset coaching for creative souls, soulful entrepreneurs and online business owners

For us creative souls, mindset truly is everything. 
Our mindset is the foundation of who we are, the stories we tell ourselves, and our beliefs about ourselves and others. It impacts how we feel, how we behave, how we show up for our passions, and how deeply we're connecting with those around us (both personally, and in business.) by working through and strengthening our resilience mindset as creatives, we not only feel happier and more satisfaction in our business, but our business prospers in that abundance as well.
My passion is helping you create this for. yourself. 

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support coaching + mentorship

also available: support coaching for masterminds and online programs, and private mentorship for copywriters

I'm also available to support your online programs as a copywriting support coach or a mindset support coach. This can either be on an ongoing basis or for a 1-time presentation to your group program. 

Private mentorship for copywriters is also available upon request. 

Contact me to get started! 


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