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About The Artist

I'm a coach for creatives, a writer and a visual artist. I started painting at a young age with my grandmother, a lifelong artist and creative. Together we'd sit and free paint in the botanical gardens - it was my grandmother who taught me the importance of owning your art and identity as an artist.

Throughout my twenties, I moved around a lot and pursued my career as a copywriter and marketer. I still painted but never gave myself permission to pursue it boldly. But after several years of growth + spiritual awakenings, I'm proud to be returning to my art roots like never before. I sees art as an opportunity to bring the lessons and principles I teaches my clients to life in a new way. 

Available Work: 

The Fall

”The Fall” encapsulates the moment of a healing journey that is often so painful we try to rush through or banish it: the fall. The moment when everything crashes around you as you try to make sense of a new paradigm... or the fall-at-your-knees moments that arise while navigating periods of grief and loss.
But here’s the thing: the fall is part of the process and cycle of wholehearted living. And sometimes you have to LET yourself fall to have the strength to RISE again. As humans, we’re pain averse, so it’s natural to avoid moments of pain when sometimes feeling them is the best thing we can do to move forward - “The Fall” asks you to consider how you could treat yourself with more tender compassion in those moments, rather than avoiding these emotions and feelings.

The Fall, 20x16 in, Acrylic, oil and chalk on canvas, $300.00

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Portfolio: Oracle Series

In May of 2022, I survived a fatal house fire. One of the only items that made it out was my sketchbook filled with the drawings and messages I’d created for my own intentional oracle card deck for creative souls. That deck and my art became even more important to me after I retrieved and restored it. These pieces are those card sketches brought to life on canvas. 

Talking To The Moon, 16x12 in, Acrylic and oil on canvas, NFS

The Fall, 20x16 in, Acrylic, oil and chalk on canvas, $300.00

South Shore Studies

Point Petre Study II, 9x12 in, Acrylic, NFS

Point Petre Study I, 9x12 in, Acrylic, NFS

Point Petre Study III, 9x12 in, Acrylic, NFS

I'm fortunate to live in beautiful Prince Edward County (traditional land of the Anishnaabeg, Wendat, and Haudenosaunee). In my opinion there's no better way to spend a sunny summer day than packing up my painting supplies, my swim suit and heading for the beach. This plein-air series documents my first blissful PEC beachside summer.

Point Petre Study IV, 8x10 in, Acrylic, NFS

Point Petre Study V, 8x10 in, Acrylic, NFS

Point Petre Study VI, 12x16 in, Acrylic, NFS

Point Petre Study VII, 5x7 in, Acrylic, NFS

Point Petre Study VIII, 7x5 in, Acrylic, NFS


"The MoonWatchers" (group show), Melt Studio Gallery, Picton, ON
August 18- September 17, 2023

"Decay" (group show), Melt Studio Gallery, Picton, ON
October 27- November 26, 2023