it all begins with a story...

I see you, creative soul. I know you love your creative business so dearly, and all you crave more than anything is to serve your dream clients with your gifts. 

These kinds of relationships begin like a 21st century love story...
Your dream client looks for a solution, lands on your website, find a dream match and is so excited to get to work with you. Goals, right? 

Website copywriting is a bit like magic in a way: a way of mystically encapsulating your spirit into words that convert dream clients. But let's be real... copywriting isn't creative writing. It's strategic, designed to convert, and at the end of the day... welcome more abundance and sales into your business. 

My superpowers help you do this through powerful storytelling copy that emphasizes the magic already within you.
Because trust me... You ARE magic. 

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let's bottle up that magic and pour it into impactful website copy...

i believe in the power of the unique story... let's tell yours. 

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your favourite brands with me. Any truly memorable brand begins with a story. This is the power of brand storytelling and why I use it as my website copywriting approach. 

I’m passionate about making the power of brand storytelling a reality for creatives - I get that it’s hard to find the words to describe your passion at times! Luckily, my love is the written word, so I’ve made it my mission to always find the words to say. 

You already have a compelling story within you... so let’s put it into powerful words that will have your ideal client feeling as though you’re speaking directly to them.  





This 90-minute recorded intensive audit is perfect for the creative entrepreneur not ready to invest in a done-for-you copywriting project. This is also an excellent option for creatives who want to write their own website copy but are craving an expert eye’s reassurance before launching. 

$333 CAD


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My signature service.... done-for-you website copy in just ONE DAY!
I absolutely love this program because all it takes is ONE day to absolutely transform your website copy. To make it into something absolutely magnetic to your ideal clients, that you also feel absolutely head-over-heels about!

$1555 CAD


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The creme-de-la-creme... The Magic Touch is the custom full website copywriting process. This package is great for larger websites and more established brands and brands just getting started who need additional help with their messaging before drafting the copy. Available on a limited basis. 

$2500 CAD

Starting at...

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Not sure which option is for you?
That's why I'm here!

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what my clients say...

She just has a mind that clicks everything together and spits out something that is meaningful and strategic-something that makes you feel confident in your business.


Lauren's work is powerful, and the process of uncovering my WHY and the deep questions about my business was so enlightening. I highly recommend Lauren for copywriting to anyone who wants to go deeper and have their website speak from their soul!


She is so personable and professional at the same time! Plus you can tell this is her passion as well. It's easy to do great work when its something your deeply passionate about and you can tell Lauren is.


I couldn't have even dreamed of how she captured the spirit of my business and my "Why" but still sounded like ME


 I had copy beforehand that just didn't match my personality and wasn't serving my clients well. I am so excited to move forward with my new copy on my website so that I can start attracting more of my ideal client!

Michelle P.

i'm lauri

I help creative entrepreneurs put their passion into powerful words that convert. Using a storytelling approach, I bring to life what you cannot find the words to say. 

I’m passionate about what I do because I’ve experienced both sides of the coin. As an artist and creative (with a musician for a partner), I understand how difficult it can be to find the right words to evoke how intense your creation and passion is. When I began hearing about fellow creatives feeling fear of losing their authenticity by working with a writer, I knew I’d found my calling. 

I’ve made it my mission to bridge this gap for creative entrepreneurs. My approach encourages collaboration and authenticity along each step of the way! 

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mentorship for copywriters

I also offer 1:1 mentorship intensive sessions for copywriters. Please contact me to request one! 

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