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Authenticity is a valued asset for any creative entrepreneur. That’s something I respect and know from my own experience as an artist and creative. That’s why I believe in a collaborative approach. Each of my packages begins with my signature brand questionnaire, where I get to know you and your brand inside and out. For my copyediting and copywriting packages, I also include a personal interview with you. To write from your voice authentically, I genuinely believe I need to hear how you both speak and write. A collaborative process allows me to create impactful copy, while also helping you gain an even deeper level of clarity on your own brand and unique story in the process. 

i believe in the power of the unique story... let's tell yours. 

I’m passionate about brand storytelling for one fundamental reason: I wholeheartedly believe in it. 
Close your eyes and imagine your favourite brands - the great brands that exist in the world today - both commercial and personal brands. They all start with an incredible story. 

I’m passionate about making the power of brand storytelling a reality for creatives - I get that it’s hard to find the words to describe your passion at times! Luckily, my passion is the written word, so I’ve made it my mission to always find the words to say. 

You already have a compelling story within you... I'm passionate about putting it into powerful words that will have your ideal client feeling as though you're speaking directly to them. 

My passion is helping you put words to yours 

And it all starts with a good story

Let's tell your story your way

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You've got your website copy drafted, are gearing up to launch your site, and want to make sure your copy is the best it can be. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone out there who took the time to understand your brand and jazz up your copy? That someone's me! 

I'm In!

My specialty: the brand story. My favourite way of writing a website is by approaching it as if it’s a story. Together we’ll work to ensure your message is nailed down, your story is told authentically, and that your ideal clients can’t help but click through your entire website, anxious to read more! 


This page features my existing packages, but I also create custom packages for copywriting, brand storytelling and content strategy. If you don't see the perfect package for you here, reach out and tell me more about what you're looking for + we'll see if we're a match!

sometimes, you just have to talk it out!

Not sure which package is right for you? Have something else in mind? Let's talk it out! 

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Website Copyediting

Website Copywriting

• Detailed brand questionnaire & summary (PDF) 
• 45-minute brand intensive interview call (recorded) 
• Stylistic copyediting of five (5) core web pages
   (with 1 round of revisions) 
• 30-minute video call to discuss & provide final
    copy (recorded)

• Detailed brand questionnaire & summary (PDF) 
• 60-minute brand intensive interview call (recorded) 
• Copy wireframe
• Brand story copy of five (5) core web pages
   (with 2 round of revisions) 
• 30-minute video call to discuss & provide final copy

Website Copy Packages

Also available

no. 3

1:1 intensives

1:1 90-minute strategy sessions for creatives looking to improve their copy and copywriting skills for their business. 

Copy Coaching

no. 4


Designed for creative entrepreneurs looking for some website copy TLC without the price tag of a full website copy project. Book me for the day, and I’m yours from 9 AM to 3 PM. Limited to 4 spots per month.

Copywriting + Copyediting

no. 5

content strategy

Using Instagram to promote your creative business is a fabulous and visual marketing method. But you gotta have a strategy backing you up - and I've got you girl. 

The Magic Touch

Content + Copy for Instagram

what my clients say...

She just has a mind that clicks everything together and spits out something that is meaningful and strategic-something that makes you feel confident in your business.


Lauren's work is powerful, and the process of uncovering my WHY and the deep questions about my business was so enlightening. I highly recommend Lauren for copywriting to anyone who wants to go deeper and have their website speak from their soul!


She is so personable and professional at the same time! Plus you can tell this is her passion as well. It's easy to do great work when its something your deeply passionate about and you can tell Lauren is.


I couldn't have even dreamed of how she captured the spirit of my business and my "Why" but still sounded like ME


 I had copy beforehand that just didn't match my personality and wasn't serving my clients well. I am so excited to move forward with my new copy on my website so that I can start attracting more of my ideal client!

Michelle P.

the time is write. 
let's put your beautiful story into words

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