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it all begins with a story...

I see you, creative soul. I know you love your creative business so dearly, and all you crave more than anything is to serve your dream clients with your gifts. 

These kinds of relationships begin like a 21st-century love story...
Your dream client looks for a solution, lands on your website or sales page, find a dream match and is so excited to get to work with you. Goals, right? 

Copywriting is a bit like magic in a way: a way of mystically encapsulating your spirit into words that convert dream clients. But let's be real... copywriting isn't creative writing. It's strategic, designed to convert, and at the end of the day... welcome more abundance and sales into your business. 

My superpowers help you do this through powerful storytelling copy that emphasizes the magic already within you.
Because trust me... You ARE magic. 

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let's bottle up that magic and pour it into impactful website copy...

i believe in the power of the unique story... let's tell yours. 

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your favourite brands with me. Any truly memorable brand begins with a story. This is the power of brand storytelling and why I use it as my copywriting approach. 

I’m passionate about making the power of brand storytelling a reality for creatives - I get that it’s hard to find the words to describe your passion at times! Luckily, my love is the written word, so I’ve made it my mission to always find the words to say. 

You already have a compelling story within you... so let’s put it into powerful words that will have your ideal client feeling as though you’re speaking directly to them.  

here's how we can work together

VIP copywriting day rate

copywriter for the day

About Copywriter For The Day

hire a copywriter for the day!

This option is great if you're: 
- building a smaller (3 page) website 
- already have the conception, ideas and notes for your copy but are struggling to actually write it 
- wishing to create + launch your website or sales page at an accelerated pace 
- working under a budget and can't invest in full done-for-you copywriting, but still want to give your copy the professional touch

Investment: $1,555 CAD


prefer to DIY your website copy?

Soulful Website Copy

Explore Soulful Website Copy

you write, i audit

copy power hour

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an intensive 90-minute expert audit for creatives who prefer to DIY website or sales copy

Are you a creative who prefers to write your own copy? This is for you! This program allows for you to have the confidence and assurance of having a professional copywriter's eyes on your copy before launch, without the full investment of a done-for-you copywriter or day rate experience. 

Investment: $333 CAD

Not sure which option is for you?
That's why I'm here!

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what my clients say...

I feel like I hit the jackpot working with Lauren. She was an incredible listener, truly heart me and created a masterpiece. I cried readying through the final project because I felt so heard and that she was able to put into words what I had been struggling so long to put into words while also magically making it sound like my authentic self. I swear she channeled me.

Michy Pepper - Mindful Michy
Spiritual Psychology Mentor

Lauri is so talented and professional, yet puts you at ease and is relatable. Being in her presence (through zoom) immediately felt like a "no judgement" zone, where I was free to express myself and share any and all details. 

Lauren Hillery
Award-Winning Photographer

Lauren is such an approachable, vibrant person. She listened to every detail of what I was telling her and was able to put the information and the emotion that I wanted to convey into copy that was so “me." I was blown away at Lauren’s ability to articulate my ideas, and lend her own In order to make my website something that I will be proud of. 

Zabrina Matiru
Makeup Designer

I legit had tears in my eyes when Lauren started reading me back my copy out loud, I didn't expect the experience to be so emotional but it totally was! She just somehow captured my voice, my essence, my soul and translated it into words, I felt so seen and understood.

Kris - Become The Author of Your Life
Coach + Coach Supervisor

Working with Lauri was an absolutely wonderful experience. She is a gentle listener and a passionate creative. Lauri lets you know exactly what she needs to step into her zone of brilliance creating your copy, and I felt supported every step of the way. I hired her to write my web copy and ended up with an incredible friend in the process.

Brianna - BS Productions
Brand Photographer

I knew we had a good connection from our discovery meeting. She is soulful and positive. I love that she was able to talk to me for just a short hour but in that hour, she listened and really heard who I was and what my brand was about. She was able to see to my core, extract it and put it into words better than I could have ever imagined. Pure genius!

Erin - Allora Event Designs
Wedding + Event Designer

You aren't just getting a copywriter with Lauren. You get a creative partner that is the perfect extension of yourself. I really had no expectations going in to this partnership, but was blown away 

Stephanie Duke
Brand + Web Designer

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i'm lauri

I help creative entrepreneurs put their passion into powerful words that convert. Using a storytelling approach, I bring to life what you cannot find the words to say. 

I’m passionate about what I do because I’ve experienced both sides of the coin. As an artist and creative (with a musician for a partner), I understand how difficult it can be to find the right words to evoke how intense your creation and passion is. I know, as a creative, feeling that fear of losing your authenticity by working with a writer, which is why mastering your brand voice is so integral to my approach. 

I’ve made it my mission to bridge this gap for creative entrepreneurs. My approach encourages collaboration and authenticity along each step of the way! 

About Me

mentorship for copywriters

want the guidance of a fellow copywriter to help you as a new or emerging copywriter? private mentorship is available on a limited basis. simply contact me to learn more


the time is write, my friend

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