It all starts here! 

My mission is simple: to help you write the copy that you dream of for your brand. I offer diverse ways to work with me to suit the various needs of creative entrepreneurs. Whether you simply want guidance on how you can improve your copy yourself, or you'd like me to write your full brand story, I'll meet you where you're at!

The power of a story runs deep, and I made it my mission to dig deeper with creative entrepreneurs like you to bring out your own unique story. 

Brand Storytelling

Writing about yourself and your passion while also appealing to your ideal client is an art - and it's my art. My passion is the written word, and I put that dedication and attention to detail into each thing I write. 


I understand that for creative business owners, completely relinquishing control over your copy may feel uncomfortable. Let's meet halfway! You create your own copy, and I simply give it my personal magic touch!


Let's tell your story your way

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Expert Eye

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The Magic Touch

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For creative entrepreneurs with published websites, this service is for when you want a second set of eyes. I'll help you give your existing website copy that extra oomph! Copy auditing means I review your text and provide recommendations on spelling, grammar, brand voice and tone. 

• Detailed brand questionnaire & summary (PDF) 
• Thorough copy audit of up to five (5) core web
   pages (PDF with screenshots and recommendations)
• 30-minute video call to discuss audit  (recorded)

You've got your website copy drafted, are gearing up to launch your site, and want to make sure your copy is the best it can be. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone out there who took the time to understand your brand and jazz up your copy? That someone's me! 

i need this!

Think of me as your copywriter-to-go! Reserve me for 8 hours per month to fulfill your copywriting and editing needs. With this package, you have the expertise of a copywriter without having to hire one full time! You’ll get the same amount of hours every month, and you can allocate what you’d like me to do each month! Mix & match, girl!

Choose from any of the following services: 
• General copywriting
• Copyediting
• Proofreading
• Email writing
• Newsletter writing
• Blog writing
• Editing blog posts
• Consulting

Tell me more!

My specialty: the brand story. My favourite way of writing a website is by approaching it as if it’s a story. Together we’ll work to ensure your message is nailed down, your story is told authentically, and that your ideal clients can’t help but click through your entire website, anxious to read more! 

I'm In!


Each of my services packages begins with a 15-minute consultation. I’ll asses the scope of your project and help you pick the package which best suits your needs! 

sometimes, you just have to talk it out!

Not sure which package is right for you? Have something else in mind? Let's talk it out! 

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Web Copyediting

Web Copywriting

Monthly Retainer

Web Copy Auditing

• Detailed brand questionnaire & summary (PDF) 
• 45-minute brand intensive interview call (recorded) 
• Stylistic copyediting of five (5) core web pages
   (with 1 round of revisions) 
• 30-minute video call to discuss & provide final
    copy (recorded)

• Detailed brand questionnaire & summary (PDF) 
• 60-minute brand intensive interview call (recorded) 
• Copy wireframe
• Brand story copy of five (5) core web pages
   (with 2 round of revisions) 
• 30-minute video call to discuss & provide final copy

what they say.

 I had copy beforehand that just didn't match my personality and wasn't serving my clients well. I am so excited to move forward with my new copy on my website so that I can start attracting more of my ideal client!

Michelle P.

Lauren has the ability to deliver creative and versatile copy...
 I will use her services, without a doubt, again and again and I would not hesitate to recommend Lauren to anyone wanting fabulous copywriting. 

Christina S.

Her supreme dedication is matched only by her skill and outshone by her personality

Emily R.

She offered... excellent writing skills as she interviewed and wrote success stories about our top volunteers and youth. Lauren was dedicated, organized, personable and a great team player.

Lori P.

 Lauren is a pleasure to work with and is an amazing team player. She is always there to lend a helping hand and support.

Rebecca C.

My approach

Authenticity is a valued asset for any creative entrepreneur. That’s something I respect and know from my own experience as an artist and creative. That’s why I believe in a collaborative approach. Each of my packages begins with my signature brand questionnaire, where I get to know you and your brand inside and out. For my copyediting and copywriting packages, I also include a personal interview with you. To write from your voice authentically, I genuinely believe I need to hear how you both speak and write. A collaborative process allows me to create impactful copy, while also helping you gain an even deeper level of clarity on your own brand and unique story in the process. 

I believe in the power of the unique story. Let’s tell yours. 

I’m passionate about brand storytelling for one fundamental reason: I wholeheartedly believe in it. 
Close your eyes and imagine your favourite brands - the great brands that exist in the world today - both commercial and personal brands. They all start with an incredible story. 

I’m passionate about making the power of brand storytelling a reality for creatives - I get that it’s hard to find the words to describe your passion at times! Luckily, my passion is the written word, so I’ve made it my mission to always find the words to say. 

You already have a compelling story within you... I'm passionate about putting it into powerful words that will have your ideal client feeling as though you're speaking directly to them. 

My passion is helping you put words to yours 

And it all starts with a good story


before writing your website copy



The Time is Write

Your website is the mirror of yourself and your business that you're reflecting into the world.
Make each word count.