what my clients say...

She just has a mind that clicks everything together and spits out something that is meaningful and strategic-something that makes you feel confident in your business.


Lauren's work is powerful, and the process of uncovering my WHY and the deep questions about my business was so enlightening. I highly recommend Lauren for copywriting to anyone who wants to go deeper and have their website speak from their soul!


She is so personable and professional at the same time! Plus you can tell this is her passion as well. It's easy to do great work when its something your deeply passionate about and you can tell Lauren is.


I couldn't have even dreamed of how she captured the spirit of my business and my "Why" but still sounded like ME


 I had copy beforehand that just didn't match my personality and wasn't serving my clients well. I am so excited to move forward with my new copy on my website so that I can start attracting more of my ideal client!

Michelle P.

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Syd | Doing Well Daily

"Working with Lauren was an incredible experience! She really took the time to ask a ton of questions and really understand my business. She spent quality time with me to learn my voice and how I speak to my audience. It was a very seamless day and her timeline approach works perfectly! She is also suuuuuuper efficient and you definitely get your money's worth!!!" 

Sarah | SB Financial

 "I felt like I was with a long-time friend, there was just camaraderie there that made it easier for me to be honest about what I wanted and needed and where I struggled. She was open and listened and really met my goals with the copy she delivered - more than met, really. I couldn't have even dreamed of how she captured the spirit of my business and my "Why" but still sounded like ME"

Karley | Life By Kar

"My copy now is incredibly strategic. I love how it walks my readers through a journey and really warms them up before introducing a service to them. It is amazing how Lauren was able to learn my voice and capture it so clearly through my copy. I am absolutely in love with my copy, and I cannot wait to use it for years to come!"