soulful website copy

The online course that teaches creatives how to DIY their website copy with soul


you were born to do what you do

your passion radiates off you

Your soulful business sets your heart on fire… you love being able to work with your DREAM kinds of clients and transform their lives with your intentional coaching, service or product. 

I know this because you’re here… seeking a method for DIYing your own copy with absolute and utter SOUL… 

And while you know that website copy is important for nurturing and converting your dream clients, you have no idea where to start when it comes to writing it effectively and ethically...

sound familiar, my friend?

You love creating for your business and would love to create your own compelling copy, but you just don't know where to begin. 

That blinking cursor on the blank page is telling you it's time to get your website copy done so you can launch (or relaunch) your dream website once and for all. 

You’re frustrated by shame-inducing messaging and copy that tells the reader they’re not good enough. This type of copy never appeals to you, and you know it won’t to your dream clients either. 

that's why it's time for

Soulful website copy

After working with numerous soulful creatives like you, I’ve found... 

You’re not looking for a “quick fix,” because you’re so intentional in all you do.. You know you could hire a copywriter, but you really wish to learn + embody this skill for yourself 

You’re so passionate about what you do, but struggle to make that clear in words and would love to have a guide in the process 

With a guide and the roadmap in place, you KNOW you’d have the confidence you need to DIY your copy + launch your soulful site.

You're ready to feel confident EVERY single time you sit down to write copy for your business even beyond your website. 

Soulful Copy 
ethically grounded words that identify, delight, empower and convert your dream client to take action. 


the self-paced course that teaches creative entrepreneurs how to write their own soulful website copy + become their own best copywriters

Soulful Website Copy

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is perfect for you if you're ready to feel...





is perfect for...

Soulful service providers + small shopkeepers 

Creatives, artists, musicians, craft makers, artisans 

Transformational life, mindset, health, and business coaches 

Copywriters, designers, content writers + virtual assistants who desire to further support their clients with a new skillset 

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corporate marketer turned creative copywriter 
& your soulful copy coach

i'm lauri

I believe you are powerful, magical and capable. 

That’s why I’m choosing to share with you everything I know about writing intuitive website copy + becoming your own best copywriter. 

I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that this course is my absolute act of service, straight from my heart to your soulful business. 

My greatest lesson through my work as a copywriter and business owner is that mindset is absolutely integral to everything we do… especially when it comes to writing soulful copy. When we’re deeply grounded and aligned into our purpose, our message becomes even more magnetic to the dream clients we’re meant to serve. 

Through my work with soulful creatives like you, I recognized a demand for a course that taught you how to soulfully capture your beautiful purpose to write your own website with confidence. 

I’ve paired my copywriting craft with my presence as a mindset coach to be YOUR soulful copy coach. 


what my copywriting clients say...

I legit had tears in my eyes when Lauren started reading me back my copy out loud, I didn't expect the experience to be so emotional but it totally was! She just somehow captured my voice, my essence, my soul and translated it into words, I felt so seen and understood.
- Kristina Sheppard, Life Coach + Supervisor 

Lauren is such an approachable, vibrant person. She listened to every detail of what I was telling her and was able to put the information and the emotion that I wanted to convey into copy that was so “me."
- Zabrina Matiru, Makeup Designer 

Working with Lauren was an incredible experience! She really took the time to ask a ton of questions and really understand my business. She spent quality time with me to learn my voice and how I speak to my audience. 
- Syd Weber, Founder of Doing Well Daily 

soulful website copy includes

12 self-paced course modules 

12+ Bonus workbooks, worksheets, checklists+ resources

Lifetime access to the course + updates

Soulful Website Copy

Mindset Matters

Copy Foundations + Dream Clients

Ethics in Copywriting

Voice + Messaging


SEO Basics

Falling In Love With The Process 

Home Page Copy

About Page Copy

Work With Me/ Services/ Product Page Copy

Other Pages + Blogging 

Tying Things Together + Soulfully Launching 














module one

module two

module three

module four

module five

module six

module seven

module eight

module nine

module ten

module eleven

module twelve

learning copywriting skills + how to write your own website can save your business tens of thousands of dollars...

5 payments of $178 CAD

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+ even though this course is value-packed, my mission is to make this as accessible as possible. 

* special launch pricing valid until November 30, 2021

Psst. As of 11/11/2021, $178 CAD is ~$150 USD, and $888 CAD is ~$707 USD

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what my coaching clients say...

"The progress I have made with Lauren has been leaps and bounds past where I ever thought I'd be, and I attribute that to Lauren's guidance. Her coaching style is never pushy or scripted; she guides me to my own conclusions with her thoughtful and judgment-free perspective. I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lauren." - J

"Lauren's open-mindedness is such an incredible gift. Never for one moment did I feel judged for where I am or what I've done in my business, and knew that no matter what I could count on her for support.” - S

inside soulful website copy, i promise to...

lead with empathy 

share empowering and ethically grounded copywriting techniques  

share all that i know; holding nothing back

provide alternatives and multiple directions whenever possible

treat you as the whole beautiful soul you are

take my hand, i'm here to guide you through the DIY copy process

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Do you offer payment plans? 
Yes! There are multiple payment plans available in the investment section above. 

Do I receive 1:1 access to Lauren? 
This is a self-paced course, and you will learn from Lauren in recorded course modules. If you’d like to work 1:1 with Lauren, it’s recommended that you check out Copywriter for the Day. 

Are there refunds? 
Due to the nature of this program, no there are no refunds. 

Do I have to write my own copy? 
Yes! This is a course that teaches and empowers you to write your own website copy’s 3 core pages: home, about, services. This course will also teach you techniques and skills to support you in other forms of copywriting for your own business.