Mindset + Messaging Mentorship Sessions for
Creative Entrepreneurs,
Healers + Artists

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Overcome the inner blocks stopping you from making your work and magic visible. 

So you can get back in your creative flow, embody your magic, + focus on sharing your art and offers the world. 

You're incredibly passionate about your creative business & serving from the heart. You have a clear creative gift.
But when it comes to spreading the word about your offerings or art, you often find yourself holding back, procrastinating or feeling lost in self-doubt. 

This session is designed to help you break through the imposter feelings, self-doubt, lack of clarity, or any internal mindset blocks that are stopping you from truly making you and your work VISIBLE with the world. 

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this is for the creative entrepreneur feeling...

Consistently like an imposter in your own skin … you’re highly skilled at the work you do, but you struggle to really see your own MAGIC... you really want to OWN your gifts 

Like you’re always second-guessing yourself, especially when it comes to creating content or copy for your creative business 

Lost in self-doubt and your ability to do this whole creative entrepreneurship thing 

Like you’re always playing small when you know internally, you were meant to take up space

Afraid of being truly SEEN - you hold yourself back from really saying or posting what you want to because you’re afraid of what others will think 

Like you often please others before really pleasing yourself and what you WANT to do 

"When Lauren asked me about some of the deeper-rooted reasons I might feel like my own writing isn't worth it, I could feel the emotions really bubble up to the surface!
That helped me confirm that we were talking about more than just a "marketing issue." I really appreciated the tools she gave me to help me recognize negative thought tracks and flip my perspective with them. I'll definitely be practicing that going forward."


Your session is typically divided into 2 segments. 

The first segment (approximately 1 hour)  is mindset focused, designed to help you break through imposter feelings, self-doubt, lack of clarity, or any internal mindset blocks that are stopping you from truly making you and your work VISIBLE with the world..

The second segment, you have the option of having my eyes on a specific piece of content that you've been holding back on sharing. Think: that sales page you've been meaning to launch for weeks. We'll work Messaging Magic! 

Investment: $150 CAD *


* for the first 5 who book, then the session rate increases

the messaging magic intensive:

"I feel like the fog is clearer. I have clarity in how I can make changes and ways in how I can reframe my thinking. It is almost as if I have removed myself from the situation and am on the outside looking in and I feel the thoughts have been merely just that...thoughts. I am in control, I am capable, and I have got this!"


As a coach for creatives, writer and artist, (and entrepreneur for going on 4 years) I truly understand the range of emotions and experiences that come from living a creative life. The joyful ecstasy to the grief and fall.

It took me YEARS of running my online business to genuinely recognize myself and my gifts. 
I was continually looking outward for solutions when everything I needed to work on was internal. My own BELIEF in myself and my WORTH to have a creatively fulfilling life doing what I love. 

i use a range of tools and modalities to work with my clients to heal and release habitual ways of being that are no longer serving them. 

i've walked this creative path+ i'm here to lead the way... 

i'm lauri, coach for creatives (like you!)

through our transformational coaching sessions, my clients experience... 

a deep sense of direction, clarity, confidence and focus in their creative endeavours 

the release of old thought patterns + introduction of new self-motivating beliefs

an improved sense of inner peace and self trust 

deeper self-knowledge, self-compassion and trust in their inner guidance and creativity

While my clients’ results are all their own, I love to share them with you for a taste of what’s possible for you in our work together…   
If you choose to work with me, you can rest assured that I am also being supervised as a coach, which is one of the best-practices of the International Coaching Federation. 

allowing them to...

create + launch their first soul-aligned offer in their business with confidence and clarity

confidently raise their prices in their business 

prioritize their own creative passions and create just for fun again 

create amazing boundaries in their personal and professional lives

market themselves and their creative passions in new, fun and light ways 

"The progress I have made with Lauren has been leaps and bounds past where I ever thought I'd be, and I attribute that to Lauren's guidance. Her coaching style is never pushy or scripted; she guides me to my own conclusions with her thoughtful and judgment-free perspective"


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ready to face what's holding you back from fully OWNING your magic? 

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Messaging Magic Intensives are just a bite-sized taste of what's inside Messaging Magic: the group program for creatives ready to OWN their gifts and voice through transformative mindset work and insightful copywriting mentorship.