you haven't been feeling quite 'yourself'...

If you're being honest, you feel lost and disconnected from your soul. 

You're an incredibly creative and ambitious soul, but lately, you've been feeling creatively blocked, stuck in inaction, and struggling to find inspiration in your daily life. 

You desire to live a full, creative, inspired life that you're excited to wake up to. To feel abundantly confident in your creativity. To feel a deep knowing sense of trust that you WILL be okay...

It's time to rise from the ashes like the resilient phoenix you are...

RESILIENCY is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a soul, but it's widely misunderstood. 
It's not something you have, or you don't have... it's a muscle you cultivate and strengthen with practice and patience. 

RESILIENCY allows you to... 

- BOLDLY pursue your creative desires with confidence 
- REBOUND from 'setbacks' quicker than ever before 
- LOVE YOURSELF fully and unconditionally, even in your 'weaker' moments. 

RESILIENCY: A Virtual "Retreat" For Your Soul...

Think of this intensive private coaching half-day session as a 'reset button' for your connection to your creative soul.

Opening The Circle - Breathe + Meditate Together  

Oracle Card Reading 

Soulful Intention Setting + "Auditing Your Life" 

Mindful Checkpoint + Integration Break 

Coaching Intensive Session #1 

Mindful Checkpoint + Integration Break 

Coaching Intensive Session #2

Mindful Checkpoint + Integration Break 

Coaching Intensive Session #3- Resiliency Affirmation Crafting, Future Planning 

Closing The Circle - Breathe + Meditate Together 

What To Expect: 

An intensive + expansive coaching session, with room for us to dive deep, rooting ourselves in your intentions for the session. 

Mindful and sacred space held for you, through breath, meditation, oracle card readings, and communion with your soul (we can go as deep as you like here - but we can also tread lightly. you are ultimately in control of where we go in this session) 

Deep space held for you, where I will lovingly hold you accountable for the deepest desires you bring into the session. 

i know how it feels to be in deep despair...

After surviving a fatal fire in May 2022 + losing everything, I found my mind + body riddled with trauma that I had to work deeply + somatically to heal. 
I know how it feels to be in the bottomless pit of despair, as if you can never imagine feeling happy or free again. 
I know how it feels to have profound creative visions and ambitions and just not be in the place physically or emotionally to make that happen. 
I know how it feels to forget just how resilient you really are. 

Even in my most bottomless pit of despair, I knew that there was a reason that this was happening. I knew that there was a lesson. I genuinely believe that I had to experience this trauma to be able to hold deeper space for others as a coach. 

RESILIENCY has been my greatest lesson this year, and I'm here to share this wisdom with YOU... 

If you choose to work with me, you can rest assured that I am also being supervised as a coach, which is one of the best-practices of the International Coaching Federation. 

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the vibes:
a peek inside my coaching + my clients' results and resiliency


coaching testimonials

"I feel like the fog is clearer. I have clarity in how I can make changes and ways in how I can reframe my thinking. It is almost as if I have removed myself from the situation and am on the outside looking in and I feel the thoughts have been merely just that...thoughts. I am in control, I am capable, and I have got this!

A major takeaway, is just how much I have learned about myself. Being a perfectionist is one thing but fully understanding how that has affected me in so many ways was really eye-opening."


"Before working with Lauren, I felt stuck... I didn't feel like I could rely on my intuition to guide me. I was trapped in harsh, negative thought loops that kept me from being kind to myself.

Lauren has helped me reframe my thoughts with her kind, gentle, and compassionate coaching style. She holds gorgeously expansive space for me each week through our calls, and always meets me exactly where I'm at... Lauren has helped me reconnect with my intuition, work through old patterns that no longer serve me, and learn to see myself in a fresh light.

The progress I have made with Lauren has been leaps and bounds past where I ever thought I'd be... Her coaching style is never pushy or scripted; she guides me to my own conclusions with her thoughtful and judgment-free perspective."


"I was pretty underconfident and un-excited by my business. I actually felt like giving up... and was feeling pretty burnt out with everything.

Now I feel super excited about my business again! I feel more aligned with what I am doing and believe my messaging will be stronger because of it. I have a found a better direction to go in that feels more pure to me. I also feel like I have someone on my side. Someone who can kinda give me a loving push when I need it and an ear to listen when I'm frustrated.

She really hones in on the problem... I felt like my problems were directly addressed and that I was given specific things to do to cement everything. I thought that she did a fabulous job of steering my boat without taking over." 


"I felt very discombobulated, erratic in my thoughts, and kind of just lost as to what to do next. (Now), I feel much less anxious and I feel like I have better tools to help me through all of the things I'm going through. I feel like I understand my productivity wound on a deeper level where I can now see a way out of this belief.

My favorite part was breaking apart my productivity wound bit by bit and really prying it open so I could see the root of it... I loved how we began the session with a card pull - I feel like that set up the session with a good vibe and already kickstarted my thinking as to what I wanted to chat with you about during our session."


"I feel positive. I am clearer now that mindset is a muscle I need to work, and not expect things to change without putting in some work. That has felt really positive and motivating. But also I feel grateful that I was able to spend that time just talking about all of this. It felt very therapeutic. I felt heard and understood and that's a really comforting feeling."


"Lauren's open-mindedness is such an incredible gift. Never for one moment did I feel judged for where I am or what I've done in my business, and knew that no-matter-what I could count on her for support."


i'm here to hold radically supportive space for you

this is an intentional immersive experience unlike any other. 

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