the copywriter mindset

the beaten path?
that's never been your route... 

... you forge your own path. 
I know because I'm the same way. 
I've never resonated with being told I "have to do" something or that I "should" do things a certain way. 
And here's the thing - you don't have to. 

But the world of online entrepreneurship has a hell of a lot of noise, with
many 'experts' or coaches trying to tell you that you must run your business a certain way to be successful. 

Cutting out this noise and tuning into you and what sets your soul on fire will benefit your business, yes. But it will also make you a better, more intuitive, and creative copywriter that has their clients coming back time + again... 

What if I told you I had the perfect potion with 2 parts copywriting, 1 part mindset, and a sprinkle of accountability and community?

say no more, i'm ready to apply! 

As copywriters, we're called to enter various voices and styles every single day. We're hired to bring our clients' authentic voice to life with copy that connects and converts their dream clients. If you stop to think about it... we're pretty much word wizards. 

But in all seriousness, it can be mentally and soulfully draining unless you've spent the time to really ensure you're aligned in your own mindset and business. 

That's why I'm here to help you master your mindset so you can really be the best, most intuitive and aligned copywriter you can be for your dream clients. 

I'm here to show you that YOU get to make the rules... to show you how to master your mindset so you can master your copywriting business. 

The Copywriter Mindset is a group mentorship program for emerging copywriters ready to master their mindset and allow their unique brilliance to shine. 
This program is the perfect hybrid between the copy skills you crave, the strategies to make yourself shine, and the mindset to carry you there.

i'm here to show you that there's never one way of doing things... just your way

creative copywriter, mindset coach, bibliophile & enneagram 4

When I first started my copywriting business, I got caught up BIG TIME in the online noise. I was continually feeling imposter syndrome, comparisonis and like I was just not "doing things right." I honestly believed I had to do things the way the 'experts' said if I wanted to be successful. I always felt drained, worried, and unworthy. I hadn't taken the time to align my mindset to MY bigger why. 

I didn't think that mindset was as much a part of business as it was. Though I'd spent years learning skills and taking therapy to master my anxiety, I didn't know this had a place in my business.  

Long story short, I got tired of feeling this unhappiness in my business and took control of my mindset. It wasn't until I integrated mindset and alignment into my copy business that I began to stand out and grow my business with dream clients. 

I want to help you discover your own inner balance so you can be the best copywriter you can be while building a business you love. 

hi, i'm lauri...

polish your copy skills 
with confidence

master your mindset
with intention

show up as your aligned 
self with your copy clients

is perfect for you if you're ready to...


What past TCM participants have to say...

"Before joining TCM, I knew I had strong copy skills. But my business still wasn't where I wanted it to be—I was hung up on comparing myself to "more successful" copywriters and felt really unaligned in my business. I joined TCM so that I could work on my mindset and work with someone who understands all the specifics of being a copywriter, working with copy clients, and running a business that is filled with ease and flow. Lauren was the perfect mentor and coach for me during TCM. She held expansive space for me to bloom into. She approached each coaching moment from a place of helping me find my own inner voice so that I could trust my intuition, rather than just telling me what she would do. After working with Lauren, I feel 1000% more confident in my business. I know how I want to show up each day. When comparisonitis stikes, I know how to get back into alignment. I'm so much more forgiving with myself and trust my own intuition more than ever before."

Jaimie McDonald
Conversion Copywriter

"More than a kickass mentor, Lauren is just a freaking magical human being. I signed up for The Copywriter Mindset because I was looking for a boost of confidence to take my business to the next level, and boy did I get it. Her all-around good vibes and support are such a gift. Combo-pack that with her wealth of knowledge and insider tricks of the trade and you've got yourself a killer mentor. I now feel SOOO excited to move into 2021 with a clear offer suite in place and, more importantly, the confidence to own my superpowers as a copywriter and brand storyteller."

Steph Laffy
Copywriter for Creatives

The Copywriter Mindset program includes...


8 weeks of group coaching 

1 private onboarding call to kickoff the program

8 digital course modules (released weekly)


8 workbooks 

8 group mindset coaching calls

Private Facebook community

Homework assignments + feedback

Surprise bonuses, guest lectures  + swipe files!!

Feeling Fancy? Go VIP!

The VIP option includes all of the above, as well as...

2 private coaching calls

full Voxer access


Regular Program Rate

or 3 payments of $655

$1111 CAD

$1666 CAD

or 3 payments of $440

VIP  Program Rate

*psst. $1111 CAD is roughly $870 USD

*psst. $1666 CAD is roughly $1305 USD

Here's what we cover each week in
The Copywriter Mindset

week one

Introduction to the Copywriter's Mindset

 Wondering how mindset can give you an edge? That's what we'll cover here! 

week two

Copywriting Foundations

We'll go over the ethical role of a copywriter, as well as where it all really started. We'll also dive into email copy, website copy and more in this module.

Brand Voice + Storytelling

How do we get inside our clients' heads to really speak from their voice? What are the core elements of telling a compelling story? I've got you covered in this module! 

week three

Mindset Mastery

Here we'll unpack the greatest mindset barriers entrepreneurs face and build your own toolbox of mindset mastery resources.

week four

week five

Making Space for Success

We're going right into the heart of your business, the offer suite. Having a robust offer suite will help you get rid of the feast/famine pattern so you can create a sustainable copy business.

week six

Setting Yourself Apart

There is only one YOU - let's let the world see that! In this module, we'll cover personal branding, marketing and soulful sales! 

week seven

Client Experience

Let's make all your clients feel spoiled and special so that they keep coming back to you time + again. 

week eight

Tying it All Together 

In the final week, we'll tie the entire piece together - the mindset, the branding, and the unique vision you have for you and your copy business! 

I'm here to welcome you with open arms! 

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